About us

Club idea born into heads of tho whisky fellows almost the same time while dreaming to cherish whisky apreciating culture in Lithuania. So demand to gather people to share experiences and impressions while tasting new malts, provoked to have special place and time with small circle of the most fond anoraks. April 8, 2013 was the birth date of first real whisky club. for members, we invitied few biggest fans of whisky, that we could share our love for this fine drink together before.

Our main mission - to try undiscovered malts, share the passion and experience together. Also to spread whisky drinking culture and even more important - to show responsible drinking example by apreciating rich (by history and palate) drinks.

We like to say - less is more.

This blog is my virtual space where I can write and share my experiences and insights, what I get from our club gatherings and while travelling alone in a whisky world.


Povilas, president, whisky club "Lithuanian Whisky Brotherhood"