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Aroma: smoked ham orange peel, some vanilla and seaweed. Lots of burnt coal, rubber and pepper. Smoked ham with BBQ sauce. Really robust without water - needs time to open up. Water gives more orange notes, malt becomes more rounded, more sweet. Notes of toast and herbs.
Palate: lots of pepper and coal. Ashes, liquorice and caramel. Smoke, caramelised sugar, herbs and BBQ sauce, similar to aroma. Finish: pepper, bit dry and bitter, loads of black chocolate.
Comments: powerful, ties with Uigeadail or Corryvreckan. Keeping in mind the price and (very) limited availability and hard to find status, it doesn't become more attractive than formers. Anyway, liked it as usually for this distillery - they deliver high standards in whisky making, let's hope. Despite their agressive marketing.


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