Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel - Sherry Cask #2812

  • Distillery: Balvenie
  • Distilled:
  • Bottler:
  • Bottled:
  • Age:
  • ABV:

Information on the label cask 2812, bottle no.358, 650+ bottles. On the box you can find interesting picture of deconstructed sherry cask with it's parts names.

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Aroma: raisins, figs, amaretto and dry oak spices. Nuts and spice are starting to dominate. With time I get orange peel and leather notes.
Palate: notes of black chocolate, figs, orange peel. It is dry and spicy. Notes of usual Balvenie fruit is also here in the background. I like the profile here - drier and spicier than popular sherried malts in the market. Finish: dryish, with notes of figs, walnuts and black tea.
Comment: I like aroma bit more, as body is bit drying making it not perfectly balanced. But I like that this malt is going towards spicy side more than to chocolatey-dried fruit profile as majority heavily sherried from like Glendronach. We can have different idea of sherry maturation. Oak is also loud here, equally as sherry is, or even more.


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