Glengoyne English Merchants' Choice

  • Distillery: Glengoyne
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Single cask, sherry hogshead (#2716), 291 bottles release.

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Color: very very dark, one of the darkest ever tasted. Aroma: first impression - sherry, not whisky. Strong aroma of chocolate, orange peel and clove with some cough syrup. Leather and cinnamon. Palate: sticky and sweet with strong notes of black chocolate, spices and orange peel. With water comes more spices, chocolate and leather - the feeling is like teeth become sticky. Lots of dry wood. Finish: pleasant, bit bitter, with lots of chocolate and orange jam.Comments: very interesting whisky - huge cask influence. Some love it, some don't. Very interesing really - should be great with a dessert. Or in place of dessert. With such sherry influence, distillery character is unnoticeable. I had nothing similar before.


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