Holiday is over or a story of a lost whisky bottle


Finally my decent long enough holiday is over and we will continue sharing our passion to whisky again here at I‘m happy with that!

I have more news – it’s maybe the most sad story related to whisky in my life (happily enough I had no really sad stories). While going home from vacation in airports ‘duty free’ (outside European Union), I have spotted quiet interesting one - Tullamore Dew Single Malt 12yo Sherry finish.

As we had transfer in Riga, I asked once again if I can carry it with me. The girl at the shop said she will pack it into special sealed bag (as they always do) and it’s like everywhere I will be able to carry it with me into the plane. So so so.. we land to Riga, we go to pass security to make our transfer and people there say I cannot pas with it – either I come back, make my check-in somehow and put it on my luggage or I can drink it before I leave. The answer is no because bottle is bought at the airport outside EU and that means they do not accept that despite the bottle is in the sealed stamped bag. I was to tired and wanted go home, so decided to give up. And bottle was put into trash bin. Airport staff was polite enough, so I barely resisted to offer them to buy it from me or to take as a gift (hope they did it after their shift, otherwise something living in the streets or dump area will be happy.

I’m warning you, my whisky friends in Europe (don’t know how’s elsewhere) – if you have transfer flight to home and you start outside EU, it’s better to save money. Buy your whisky at airports inside EU.

Second story is, that my mood was cheered up by parcel from China – I had made order before vacation to some chinese tea directly from there. They came unharmed and happy. I will make some reviews and posts about tea maybe in the future. Good drink whether whisky or tea, is always a good drink.