Lagavulin 21 Year Old (2012 Release)

  • Distillery: Lagavulin
  • Distilled:
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  • Age:
  • ABV:

Distilled in 1991, bottled for 2012 Diageo Special Release series, 2772 bottles release.

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Aroma: fresh and strong - nice notes of sweet peat, smoke and pepper. Impresses with power. Becomes more fruity and spicy. Tobacco and dried fruits. Palate: wood tannins, smoke and liquorice gives great start. Then wood, raisins and smoke comes more. It like this. Lots of peppers and other spices also. Finish: smoke and spice, some notes of old sherry and raisins. Comments: Lagavulin fans can be calm - this whisky gets better with age without losing much power. Great balance for robust, peated malt lovers. Anway, it is not so far from 16yo which is also great as always. Anyway, older version is bit more complex, so extra point. Goes well without water also.


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