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Links of Lithuanian websites - our friends

Viskio akademija - great example of active whisky culture population in Lithuania. Regular events and whisky news

Viskio baras W1640 - first real whisky bar in Lithuania!

After-party - your best friend after the party. Food supplement for hangover cure.

Danish Whisky Blog - some nice reviews and more interesting information.


Best shot Whisky reviews There are a lot of people writing about whisky. There are few people that write independent reviews. If you have to believe the first category, there are only excellent whiskies. That just is not true. There are a lot of excellent whiskies yes. As there should be because whisky today is expensive! But there is a lot of indifferent product and some stuff is just not good enough. There is a clear need for independent reviewers.



Dramming - I often enjoy reading tasting notes, but even more nice insights that author Oliver Klimek calls whisky philosohpy

Whiskyfun - one of the most extensive list of tasting notes, always written in easy and entertaining style. Keep it fun!