Strathisla 1970 (Gordon & MacPhail)

  • Distillery: Strathisla
  • Distilled:
  • Bottler:
    Gordon and MacPhail
  • Bottled:
  • Age:
  • ABV:

GM without a doubt has (or had, at least) largest stock of old Strathislas. Especially sherried ones. IF they wouln't be so expensive already, we would enjoy them more often.

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Aroma: plums, figs, maple syrup. Wood notes are present, but not too much. Leather and chocolate.
Palate: wood tannins gently complements nuts, apples and figs jam notes. Some sawdust, old books, compost. I like that character so much. Finish: bit dry, spicy but really deep in terms of complexity, yet bit too short.
Comments: really nice as usually Strathisla from stocks of Gordon MacPhail's. I hope they still have iot enough! Any old vintage (60s-70s) is worth a try to lovers of old style sherried oldies from Speyside.


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